About Me

I’m Sam – an every day Korean American fashion blogger

I’m here to offer my insight on what’s in and what’s not; what the trend is what what the trend will be; how to be fashionable yet relatable; and much more.

I’m a Korean American fashion blogger and fashion enthusiast. I want to show people that it’s not hard to look good with the right clothes. In Korean, there is a saying that literally translates to “clothes are wings.” This basically means that clothes are an accessory to enhance how good someone looks regardless of any “flaws.”

I think every one looks good in his or her own way. Regardless of shape, color, size, and many other factors, I think with the right fashion and fit, anyone can look good. That’s why I think fashion and clothes are so important. It’s not just a way to “fit in” or be socially acceptable; it’s also a way to express the inner-self to others without having to say anything.

Try to find your Fashion and Fit.