10 Best Summer Shorts for Women to Wear Indoors and Outdoors from Amazon

Having several good pairs of shorts complete any look during the summer. Shorts come in different styles and trends, sizes and shapes, and colors and patterns. Whether it be for comfort or fashion, shorts come in handy.

Amazon is a rising marketplace for fashion and clothes. More and more companies are selling on Amazon, and more and more consumers are looking at Amazon for daily fashion and clothing needs due to the convenience and universal aspects of Amazon.

Amazon has AMAZING shorts for sale. The ones I have listed here ALL have amazing reviews for how comfortable and high quality these shorts are. In relation to price, these shorts are simply WORTH IT. From comfortable home shorts to more fashionable shorts, the 10 Best Summer Shorts for Women list is a MUST HAVE for SUMMER 2020 and even longer. 

  1. ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts

Yoga pants are VERY comfortable. However breathable and comfortable yoga pants are, it may get a little stuffy and uncomfortable during the summer time, especially if you live in an area that is pretty hot during the summer. I think these shorts are the perfect solution to this problem. While having the comfort of yoga pants, these shorts are more breathable and less stuffy than yoga pants. With a high-waisted design and a design to make you look toned, these shorts are an amazing addition to your shorts collection. 

  1. VALINNA Drawstring Athletic Shorts

Ever feel like just lounging around in home in comfortable shorts? This is the perfect pair of shorts to do that in. Being both breathable and comfortable, the VALINNA Drawstring Athletic Shorts are perfect for indoor use and outdoor use. The best thing about these shorts is how versatile it is. Whether you want to run outside, workout in the gym, or just watch TV at home, this pair of shorts won’t disappoint you.

  1. luvamia Women’s Mid Rise Jean Shorts

A pair of jeans shorts (jorts) is definitely a MUST HAVE for any girl’s or woman’s closet. Seriously, jean shorts go with anything, and they just look SO good. But, they are generally around $30+ in most brands we know. What if I told you that you can get great quality jean shorts for under $30? The luvamia Mid Rise Jean Shorts are what you have been looking for, then. This is the #1 BEST SELLER in Amazon for Women’s Denim Shorts category. Being #1 on Amazon for anything is hard: that’s enough proof for how good these jean shorts are.

  1. onlypuff Women Mid Waisted Denim Shorts

Here is the runner up for jean shorts on Amazon. These denim shorts come in many colors and sizes. Having over 1000 ratings with an average 4.3 / 5.0 rating, The onlypuff Women Mid Waisted Denim Shorts are a must have.

  1. SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Elastic Waist Summer Shorts

It has been a trend for summer shorts to be in more vibrant colors and patterns. Instead of tight shorts, looser fitting shorts have been trendy for the past few years. It gives more of a beach-going vibe and a free-soul vibe. It looks like something a girl in California would wear with a crop top and comfortable low sandals. These shorts mostly come in vertical stripes and plaid patterns, and I think that adds to the style and fashionability of these shorts. Just throw on a pair of these shorts with a crop top, comfortable sandals, and your favorite purse (along with your favorite sunglasses), and you’re more than ready for summer.

  1. BLENCOT Women’s Drawstring Beach Shorts

What if you want to be more low-key than the SweatyRocks Shorts? Then, the BLENCOT Women’s Drawstring Beach Shorts are perfect for you. Coming in solid colors and no patterns, these shorts are a perfect addition to your shorts collection if you want something to wear indoors and outdoors without much pressure to impress other people. These shorts are low-key fashionable; you can keep it simple and good. 

  1. GRACE KARIN Women Bowknot Summer Shorts

Want something low-key but still makes a statement? Get these for real. If the BLENCOT shorts were for more casual, home wear, the GRACE KARIN shorts will help you make a statement when you’re out. The strong accent and emphasis of the bowknot enhances your entire look and makes you look more fashionable and fancy. Throw these shorts on with your favorite blouse and purse, and you’ll look more than ready for a fancy dinner on a rooftop bar in NYC.

  1. Kafeimali Women’s Fashion Leopard Shorts

Instead of the boring patterns, plaids, stripes, colors….. Why not try something new? The Kafeimali Women’s Fashion Leopard Shorts is something fresh and new but still fashionable. Whether you’re lounging here and there at home or going for a quick bite to grab with friends, you’ll definitely stick out in a good way. 

  1. Emprella Slip Shorts | 3-Pack Black Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have definitely been IN for the recent year. It’s like short yoga pants, it’s comfortable, and it’s lightweight. You can wear these to the gym or even while you’re working out at home or just chilling at home. Bike shorts are also very fashionable. Wear bike shorts with an oversized t-shirt that doesn’t cover the shorts entirely, and you’ll look SO good. What I especially like about this product is that there are THREE bike shorts. If one rips or you lose one, you can just wear the next one!

  1. URATOT 2 Pack Cotton Athletic Shorts

Cotton material is my favorite; it’s breathable and very comfortable for how lightweight it is. If you want a pair (or even better, TWO PAIRS) of shorts that’s VERY comfortable, I highly recommend getting the URATOT 2 Pack Cotton Athletic Shorts. Coming in black and gray colors, these are essentials to any girl’s closet. These are very good for working out and even just for everyday wear inside and outside.

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